[genivi-dlt] DLT function interface shows strange behaviour

Yusuke Sato yusuke-sato at apn.alpine.co.jp
Thu Jul 27 09:19:54 EDT 2017

Hello, Lutz,

I guess you terminated the 1st application soon before the 2nd start.
Then log message buffered into user library buffer was outout at exit of 1st application.

As far as I know, currently there is no automatic trigger to output messages in usr library buffer.
Normally these message is output when new message is logged.
In current case, only 2 messages are output and after that no message is logged from test application.

So, maybe below senario happened.

(1). Start 1st application
(2). Somehow the application cannot not send message to dlt-daemon
(3). Message is stored to own library buffer
(4). Interval (Timestamp 81948.xxx - 81975.xxx)
    --> here no trigger to output buffer
(5). Kill 1st application
    --> Buffer is output to dlt-daemon
(6). Start 2nd application
    --> Normally succeed to send log to dlt-daemon

Best regards.
Yusuke Sato

Alpine Electronics, Inc.
yusuke-sato at apn.alpine.co.jp

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Hi DLT community,

I have found a problem while writing a simple DLT test programme using the function interface.

When I run a tiny test application once the output stops at some point.
When I run it the second time the missing output from the last run is logged before the output of the current run. Notice the "rewinded"
timestamps. None of the used DLT functions return an error.
This happens just occasionally when repeatedly running the programme. No other application logs to DLT.

See the test application's source code attached. Also attached are snippets from the DLT log that illustrate the problem and the cmake flags used for building DLT. Also attached is a snippet taken from the journal which shows dlt-daemon output with Debug information. Skip the first two successful tries here. When the error occurs the journal contains this entry:

"Jul 27 14:10:24 dem-lhelwing-ubuntu DLT[7967]: [81948.963456]~DLT~ 7967~WARNING  ~Can't send current log level as response to dlt_daemon_process_user_message_register_context for (ABCD;CTX1)"

The dlt-daemon is running on my local machine.
Output of "dlt-receive -a localhost" and DLT Viewer is the same.

DLT version: 2.16.0
DLT Viewer version: 2.18.0 STABLE

Am I doing something wrong when using the DLT library or is it a problem in DLT itself? It would be great to hear your ideas.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards

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