[genivi-dlt] dlt-daemon commits since v2.16.0

Lipka, Christoph (ADITG/ESA) clipka at de.adit-jv.com
Wed Jul 19 01:42:21 EDT 2017

Hi Steve,

There might be the possibility to release a 2.17 version of DLT. It is already 10 Month ago that we released the latest version. When would you need the new version for the new release? If you have to take a decision immediately, it is fine to take HEAD.

A side question to you: DLT git currently contains a copy of Gtest framework for unit tests. I actually don’t like it at all (e.g.  wayland-ivi-extension just mention that Gtest is a pre-requisite to be installed before tests can be executed). So I want to remove the hard copy. Is there anything I have to consider from your point of view? I guess, we have to update the bitbake recipe of DLT to depend on Gtest, if Unit-tests are enabled by default. 

Best Regards,

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Betreff: [genivi-dlt] dlt-daemon commits since v2.16.0

Hi Dlt team,

The BIT is discussing component versions for the upcoming Yocto Baseline (Orion) O-0.2 release.

We noticed that the Dlt-daemon master branch contains a lot of commits since the last tagged v2.16.0 release.
Can you confirm we should take the HEAD commit of the master branch and that it is compliant? 

I assume they are compliant as you have not made a v3.x.x release, but I have to check as the BIT Charter states the Baseline releases must be compliant.


BIT Lead
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