[genivi-dlt] DLT Question: Control Messages sent from DLT viewer is having Timestamp '0.000'

Rudresh Bidaragedde Shivanagowda (RBEI/ESD41) Rudresh.BidarageddeShivanagowda at in.bosch.com
Fri Jan 13 07:59:17 EST 2017

Hello Team,

I have few queries related to Control Messages:

1.      What are all the possibilities that, control message is having the time stamp as '0.000'? (Marked Red)
      If I am correct, the time stamp is taken from the System and it should display on the DLT viewer.

2.      Is there any settings in the DLT Viewer, we can set the Control message time stamp value to '0.000'

3.      Is there any chance that, Control Message's 'Time Stamp' can affect to the normal DLT messages sent to DLT viewer from DLT module?(Marked yellow)

Please provide your suggestions!!

Please keep version information in mail:
DLT Version: 2.14.0-STABLE
Build Date: Jun 16 2015-09:26:33
Qt Version: 5.4.1

Thanks and regards,
Rudresh BS

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