[genivi-dlt] changes in DLT; AUTOSAR harmonization

Rinat.Asmus at bmw.de Rinat.Asmus at bmw.de
Wed Feb 22 09:49:36 EST 2017

Dear GENIVI user list,
BMW is using DLT in several series projects. Some of the ECUs are using AUTOSAR, some are using other platforms. Unfortunately, current DLT implementations and specifications vary.
Our goal is  to reduce complexity and harmonize the GENIVI and future AUTOSAR implementations in respect to

·         [1] The DLT Protocol including the defined DLT Control Messages

·         [2] A connectionless Implementation (DLT Messages shall be sent independently whether or not a Logging Device is connected to the ECU)
Regarding the topic [1] DLT Protocol: The available Control Messages shall be harmonized in the following way:

ð  Set these DLT Control Messages to deprecated:

·         Message connection info

·         Message unregister context

·         Timezone

·         Marker

·         Offline log storage

·         (Dis)Connect passive Node

·         Passive Node status information

·         Set verbose mode

·         Set timing packets

·         Use ECU id

·         Use session id

·         Use timestamp

·         Use extended header

·         Get software version

·         Set communication interface maximum bandwidth

·         Message buffer overflow (will be replaced by a new DLT message "BufferOverflowNotification")

ð  Introduce these new DLT Control Messages:

·         GetDefaultTraceStatus

·         GetLogChannelNames

·         GetTraceStatus

·         SetLogChannelAssignment

·         GetLogChannelThreshold

·         SetLogChannelThreshold

·         BufferOverflowNotification (replaces the current  DLT message "Message buffer overflow")
Regarding the topic [2] Connectionless implementation:
The DLT implementation shall allow a connectionless mode which means that it should work without any mandatory interaction of a DLT Logging Device.
For these two reasons, we would like to get in touch with you and would like to discuss further details in the upcoming GENIVI face 2 face meeting in May.
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