[genivi-dlt] APPIDs gone from dlt-receive

Lipka, Christoph (ADITJ/SWG) clipka at jp.adit-jv.com
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It is by design. The AUTOSAR DLT specification does not describe that the DLT (Daemon) has to provide that information on a client connect (AFAIK). The client has to actively trigger GET_LOG_INFO request to receive the desired information. This is not implemented in dlt-receive, and therefore you do not get this information.

From a Linux perspective, I agree that it would be a nice feature that optionally could be enabled.
It is actually not a big deal to add this functionality in the dlt-daemon. Please check dlt_daemon_process_client_connect function (dlt-daemon.c). This is called when a client (e.g. dlt-viewer, dlt-receive) is connected. A function need to be added to send the GET_LOG_INFO response. Unfortunately, there is no such function. The response message is generated directly in dlt_daemon_control_get_log_info (dlt_daemon_client.c). If you put the response creation into a function, you can call it in dlt_daemon_process_client_connect.
Another solution would be to send a GET_LOG_INFO request when dlt-reiceive starts. Should be no big deal either. This functionality is available in dlt-control as well (check dlt-control -j).

Feel free to add this functionality in either way - it is an open source project :-)

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Hi! I noticed that Anders Johanesson posted a mail regarding the same question but with no reply so I'd thought I'd add some more information.

When using dlt-receive command line tool, the first time you use it locally on a ecu after a reboot APPIDs are received but if you close the app and start and connect again the APPIDs are gone. That is the same for dlt-viewer, however if you right click on the project and select "DLT get log info" the APPIDs reappears. Is this behavior by design? Or shouldn't the dlt-daemon send the APPIDs on every client connect?

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