[genivi-dlt] Issue while capturing syslogs in dlt-viewer and also not able to see dlt_log() in the viewer

Lipka, Christoph (ADITJ/SWG) clipka at jp.adit-jv.com
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I try to answer your questions. Could you please let me know which version you are using (also OS)

1. There seems to be a problem. As I wrote in last mail, I facing issues to set it up like you. In a system running systemd you should use journal bridge for this. I am not sure if anyone is using syslog directly.
2. / 3, Actually, I do not really understand what you do. May you send your example program? This might help to identify what you are doing. But all in all, there is no difference when using DLT_LOG or dlt_log. 

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Subject: [genivi-dlt] Issue while capturing syslogs in dlt-viewer and also not able to see dlt_log() in the viewer

Hi All,

I have built dlt-daemon in my local system and trying to test some of the feature to understand the working internally.

I tried to many things to redirects the log but not able to do. I also don't know whom to discussed so i have few queries; can you please help me out :

               1. Transferring syslogs to dlt-system is an official issue?
I mean to say that any task or bug id is defined for this issue in dlt public JIRA <https://at.projects.genivi.org/jira/projects/DLT/issues/DLT-1?filter=
if it is a bug ?

               2. I am using macro interface *DLT_LOG()* and API interface
*dlt_log()* to store the logs. But when i change the log level through
*dlt_log_set_level()* then i am only able to                        filter
logs generated through *dlt_log()*. I am not able to filter logs which are generated through *DLT_LOG()* macro interface.

               3. If i am logging via API interface using *dlt_log()* then i am not able to see logs in *dlt_viewer* but if i use *DLT_LOG()* macro interface for my logging then i can see logs in *dlt_viewer*. So i have a doubt here that *dlt_log_set_level()* can only filter the logs which are generated via *dlt_log()* and the macro interface
*DLT_LOG()* is only                                dedicated to *dlt_viewer*
and you can't filter logs generated via macro interface.

If i am wrong somewhere then please guide me.

Thanks and Regards,

Amber Bhardwaj

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