[genivi-dlt] clarifications on dlt offline logstorage

Lipka, Christoph (ADITG/ESA) clipka at de.adit-jv.com
Mon Dec 18 04:57:53 EST 2017


> I am fiddling with dlt offline logstorage and non-verbose messages.
> I tested the functionality using the ON_MSG SyncBehavior and it is working
> fine for my needs.

I guess non-verbose messages only work, because the DLT Daemon by defaults adds the DltExtendedHeader (which contains APID and CTID). If the DltExtendedHeader would be disabled, Logstorage would not work. We already have a fix for this and will provide the change soon.

> But I cannot afford calling fsync() after each message so I need another sync
> behavior that will call the fsync() less frequently.
> Can you tell me if using both ON_DEMAND and ON_DAEMON_EXIT will call
> fsync() only when an internal offline logstorage buffer gets full?
> What is a proper test scenario for ON_DEMAND and ON_DAEMON_EXIT sync
> behaviors?

ON_DEMAND syncs the buffer when triggered by dlt-logstorage-ctrl application, ON_DEAMON_EXIT will sync when the daemon exits. Both should be easily testable.
We already have other sync strategies implemented that allow to sync after certain amount of data is logged. We will provide this soon. If you are interested in this, we can discuss how to accelerate the process.  

> I also tested the ON_DEMAND with dlt-logstorage -s path (and the same
> path as when calling it with -p) and noticed some of the previous log files are
> deleted. I was not expecting to see several of the previous log files deleted
> but only one. I am doing something wrong?

This should not happen, can you please file an "Issue" in Github with a reproduction scenario? Than we can have a look. 

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