[genivi-dlt] clarifications on dlt offline logstorage

Mardale, Dan-Valeriu Dan-Valeriu.Mardale at harman.com
Fri Dec 15 04:39:14 EST 2017


I am fiddling with dlt offline logstorage and non-verbose messages.
I tested the functionality using the ON_MSG SyncBehavior and it is working fine for my needs.

But I cannot afford calling fsync() after each message so I need another sync behavior that will call the fsync() less frequently.
Can you tell me if using both ON_DEMAND and ON_DAEMON_EXIT will call fsync() only when an internal offline logstorage buffer gets full?
What is a proper test scenario for ON_DEMAND and ON_DAEMON_EXIT sync behaviors?

I also tested the ON_DEMAND with dlt-logstorage -s path (and the same path as when calling it with -p) and noticed some of the previous log files are deleted. I was not expecting to see several of the previous log files deleted but only one. I am doing something wrong?

Thank you!
Dan Mardale

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