[genivi-dlt] Switch off Log and File transfer

Prathap Chandran prathapachandran at acsiatech.com
Tue Aug 1 13:20:44 EDT 2017

Hi All,

I am actually doing a feasibility of using dlt-daemon for my project. I
have compiled and run the project successfully and log transfer is working
fine and now the logs and transferred files can view using dlt-viewer.

One of the main requirement of my project is to completely switch off the
log transfer and file transfer behaviour via dlt-daemon using some control
signals. When I search for it, found only one option for it using the
dlt-control SW component of DLT.

dlt-control -l 0 -a LOG -c TEST

But even after the above operation, when sending messages using the example
tool dlt-example-user, the logs are still transferring.

So could you please suggest a solution for completely switch off the logs
and file transfer without stopping dlt-daemon?

Thanks & regards

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