[genivi-dlt] DltServiceGetLogInfoRequest forwarding response to DLT viewer not working.

Kumar, Ankit Ankit.Kumar at harman.com
Fri Oct 14 08:32:23 EDT 2016

Hi ,

I'm writing an application to get the request from dlt viewer and forward the request to dlt daemon.
After I receive proper response from daemon I forward the response back to DLT viewer.
All other requests(i.e. set log level , store config ) are working but when I do "get log info" on viewer, either my application is not receiving proper response from Daemon or response is not reflected in viewer after I send valid response received from daemon.

I am not getting proper response if I use options =7
typedef struct
uint8_t options;                /**< type of request */
} PACKED DltServiceGetLogInfoRequest;

if I use any other value in options between 1 and <8 response is not reflected in viewer. It should work with options =7 ?


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