[genivi-dlt] Suggested patch - add cmake support to dlt-viewer

Andersson, Gunnar gunnar.x.andersson at volvocars.com
Sun Oct 16 16:26:06 EDT 2016


Shouldn't you patch INSTALL.txt also to add instructions for how to build?
I could only see it describing the qmake method which would be confusing if
cmake files are added everywhere.

Even if it is only something simple like:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

Also, if you could, how to handle some corner cases, for example if Qt installation
exists somewhere but that is not described by pkg-config, I'm guessing it won't
be found - can the Qt location be specified with an environment variable?

Nice work otherwise.

- Gunnar

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Subject: [genivi-dlt] Suggested patch - add cmake support to dlt-viewer


Attached please find a suggested patch "0545-Add-CMake-support-to-the-project.patch".

This patch adds support for CMake build system to dlt-viewer.

Signed-off-by:   Jack Smith jack.smith at elektrobit.com<mailto:jack.smith at elektrobit.com>

I hope this helps.

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