[genivi-dlt] Moderating GENIVI Diagnostic Log and Trace lists

Jeremiah Foster jeremiah.foster at pelagicore.com
Mon Nov 28 09:15:03 EST 2016


I've heard from someone who sent mail to the GENIVI DLT list that the
archives don't seem to be showing up for this list. I have access to the
mailman server in GENIVI and I'll try and work on this. It brings up a
general issue about list moderation though. Currently Alexander Wenzel,
Joel Replogle and Christian Muck are listed as the moderators. I think that
needs updating, at the very least we need to update Christian Linke's
information but I think we should also make sure that everyone who's listed
as a moderator has the time to do that work. I spend a fair amount of time
on the mailing lists so I'm happy to include myself as a replacement if

@Alexander and @Christian -- do you have time to continue to be moderators
of the list?
@Christoph and @Ralph -- would you like to be added as moderators?

Moderating the mailing list is pretty easy. Mostly approving new
subscriptions which for DLT is not high traffic. Of course the most
important aspect of the mailing list is the technical discussion which many
of you address already but approving subscriptions and working with GENIVI
IT to resolving archiving and other issues pops up from time to time.

Many thanks for your feedback.



Jeremiah C. Foster

Pelagicore AB
Ekelundsgatan 4, 6tr, SE-411 18
Gothenburg, Sweden
M: +1.860.772.9242
jeremiah.foster at pelagicore.com
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