[genivi-dlt] Persistent log-levels

Dominik Holland dominik.holland at pelagicore.com
Fri Nov 25 08:57:12 EST 2016


i'm wondering whether something like persistent logging rules exist in DLT ?

I'm thinking about the following use-case:

An OEM runs DLT in one of it's production systems. There is a bug in the
system which only occurs from time to time on some of the systems and
the problem couldn't be determined with the normal logging capabilities.
For this it would be great if a dlt-viewer could be connected to the
system and changing the log-level of some specific sub-systems to show
more verbose logging messages.
This is already possible with the current state, but once the system is
rebooted, the default log-levels are setup again and it wouldn't be
possible to watch the problem over several days/weeks.

Isn't this a usecase DLT should be capable of ? In the end i guess every
OEM develops their own custom system on top for generating error
reports, but wouldn't it make sense to solve this once and for all in DLT ?
If DLT already support this by a plugin or a hidden setting, i'm more
than happy if someone could give me a pointer.



Dominik Holland

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