[genivi-dlt] Question about dlt_set_log_mode()

hamasaki.koji at jp.panasonic.com hamasaki.koji at jp.panasonic.com
Sun Jun 26 23:11:42 EDT 2016

Dear all,

I have two questions about dlt_set_log_mode() function.

Q1) Bug of dlt_set_log_mode() ?
 When dlt-daemon launches with options are not INTERNAL nor BOTH,
 dlt-daemon doen't do initialization.
 Therefore dlt-daemon returns error when changes to ITNTERNAL or BOTH.

 We prepared attached patch which do initialize when dlt_set_log_mode() is called.
 We applied the patch to the 2.15.0 STABLE version.

 Is this our approach correct?

Q2) Is dlt_set_log_mode() supported on latest version?
We found the dlt_set_log_mode() is not supported on the latest version.
DLT_USER_MESSAGE_LOG_MODE is out-of-supported by following commit.

   commit a9a43701138c99b3211ded8d388666161f7cde67
   Author: Frederic Berat <fberat at de.adit-jv.com>
   Date:   Tue Dec 1 11:13:12 2015 +0100
     dlt-daemon: receiver rework

 Is this non-supported status a tentative? (as later v2.15.0 is under development).
 Or dlt_set_log_mode() will not support further?

Best regards,
Koji Hamasaki

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