[genivi-dlt] Multiple patches pushed

Lipka, Christoph (ADITJ/SWG) clipka at jp.adit-jv.com
Fri Jan 29 03:56:50 EST 2016

Hi Stefan,

It was our intension to have it in the way it was:

- set(dlt_logstorage_ctrl_SRCS dlt-logstorage-ctrl.c dlt-logstorage-common.c dlt-logstorage-prop.c dlt-logstorage-udev.c dlt-logstorage-list.c)
- set(dlt_logstorage_ctrl_SRCS dlt-logstorage-ctrl.c dlt-logstorage-common.c dlt-logstorage-prop.c dlt-logstorage-list.c)

Maybe we made it not clear enough what that mean. E.g. we use another internal tool instead of udev to handle device connection events. In this case, we only add our dlt-logstorage-prop.c file and everything works fine. Enabling WITH_DLT_LOGSTORAGE_CTRL_PROP without having a dlt-logstorage-prop.c will fail.

Best regards

Christoph Lipka
Software Group (ADITJ/SWG)

Tel. +81-(0)566 61-5124

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Hi Lutz,

just a quick feedback. If enabling all options in cmake, log-storage  and core_dump_handler are not buildable. Please find attached a patch which fixes this.


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Subject: [genivi-dlt] Multiple patches pushed

Hi all,

i have integrated a bunch of patches for DLT Daemon and DLT Viewer today. Please update your local repositories for using them and please get back to me if you find any issues. Thank you very much!

Kind regards,

Lutz Helwing
Senior Engineer

+49 (89) 57096 - 297<tel:+49%287721%294060-422>


+49 (89) 57096 - 400

lutz_helwing at mentor.com<mailto:lutz_helwing at mentor.com>

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