[genivi-dlt] [Patch] Re: DLT-Viewer 2 bugs and patches

Helwing, Lutz Lutz_Helwing at mentor.com
Thu Jan 21 12:01:38 EST 2016

Hi community,

with these patches a new issue was introduced:

When you analyse a DLT File in DLT Viewer and move the cursor via keyboard keys Up/Down or Page Up/PageDown, the cursor/marked line moves as expected, but the MainWindow message list is not scrolled leading to vanishing of the mark.

The only way to scroll the List ist with the mouse and scrollbar or mouse wheel.This is not very convenient with long traces.

The first attached patch fixes this issue. When an entry is selected with the mouse autoscrolling is disabled and the mark can be move by using Up/Down or Page Up/PageDown keys.

The second patch gets rid of some build warnings concerning datatypes.

If no objections arise the fix will be integrated into master in one week from now on.


On 29/05/15 11:47, Held, Stefan wrote:
Hi Alex, Community

I found 2 Bugs in dlt-viewer and create fixes for that.

[Bug] Dlt-Viewer: view jumps  to right if payload is longer then view
If the payload of a message is longer then the view, the whole main-view jumps at the end of the payload message.
Bug recreation:

1)      Load a dlt file or live log with payload bigger than the actual view

2)      Double click on payload header in main view, so the whole payload is screened

3)      --> after selecting a single entry in payload area  the whole mainview jump to the right end

[BUG] Dlt-Viewer: project table bug while searching for entrys
After disabling the index row in table settings, it doesn’t jump anymore to correct entry in main view after searching for a term.
Bug recreation:

1)      Disable index in table settings

2)      Load a dlt log file or log live

3)      Search for an entry

4)      Double click an entry in the search list

5)      --> now he doesn’t jump to entry in main list


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