[genivi-dlt] DLT protocol parser with Node.js

Lassi Marttala lassi.marttala at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 18:42:11 EST 2016

Hello all! Long time, no see :)

Here's something I have been working on for couple of evenings. It should
be exiting for anyone interested in the latest web-technologies "the kids"
like to use these days ;)

I have created a parser in Node.js, which can at least parse
'dlt-user-test' without crashing.
It is accompanied by a express+websockets server, which can serve the DLT
packets straight into your web browser!

I have only tested with very small data amounts and only with Google Chrome
browser. I would be interested in hearing if it works at all with a more
realistic scenarios.

This application cannot send any packets. It listens passively. I might add
control message support and other nifty features in the future if there is
interest for it.

You can find dlt-node here:

README.md contains instructions on usage.

+358 40 709 1204
lassi.marttala at gmail.com
Tuurintie 93
63400 Alavus
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