[genivi-dlt] [Patch] Start Filetransfer only when client connected and a bugfix

Helwing, Lutz Lutz_Helwing at mentor.com
Wed Feb 17 11:17:32 EST 2016

Hi all,

we have made an improvement to the filetransfer mechanism af dlt-system:


For each file that is supposed to be sent, dlt-system will check if a client is connected to the daemon. If not, it waits and keeps checking once per second, until a client is connected.

Please notice that files will still be compressed and moved to the .tosend subdirectory, regardless of the client connection.

Since it is not necessarily needed anymore the default startup timeout in dlt-system.conf is changed to 0:
"FiletransferTimeStartup = 0"

We have also found a little bug:


If a file gets written to after it appeared in a folder that is watched by the dlt-system filetransfer thread, the application tries to send this file multiple times, causing dlt-system to crash and generate a core-dump. This patch fixes this by canceling the sending process more gracefully if the file cannot be found.

We consider MALLOC_ASSERT() at this place is wrong for even two reasons:

1. It is confusing because it does not check a malloc failure (this is already done in unique_name() itself)

2. If unique_name() returns NULL for reasons other than a malloc failure the program must not crash with core-dump

If no objections arise these patches will be integrated into master in this Friday.



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