[genivi-dlt] DLT Viewer patches

Gernot.Wirschal at bmw.de Gernot.Wirschal at bmw.de
Tue Dec 20 08:35:07 EST 2016

Hi All,

I would like to offer three patches for DLT Viewer. See them attached.

Patch 1 just fixes a typing error in the version.h

Parch 2 fixes a problem which came in with the removal of widgets from qdlt - the background color
of the messages windows switched  to black when  toggling the filter enabled checkbox.

Patch 3 fixes a problem in filetransfer plugin which came in with
"Fix check box in file transfer plugin view"

If there are no concerns until 8.1.2017 we will merge the patches to github.

( Merry Christmas and Happy New Year )


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