[genivi-dlt] Patches and other issues in GENIVI DLT

Jeremiah Foster jeremiah.foster at pelagicore.com
Wed Apr 20 14:10:50 EDT 2016

Hi Gernot,

There are some patches to DLT and DLT viewer on the DLT mailing list:

I wonder if there is a timeline for merging these patches? DLT is widely
used and I know that it is being used in production projects now so having
an idea about when patches get applied will likely help those using DLT a
great deal.



Jeremiah C. Foster

Pelagicore AB
Ekelundsgatan 4, 6tr, SE-411 18
Gothenburg, Sweden
M: +46 (0)73 093 0506
jeremiah.foster at pelagicore.com
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