[audio-manager] Intive speech recognition demo

Krause, Mathias Mathias_Krause at mentor.com
Wed May 31 03:55:11 EDT 2017

Hello Pawl,

just a thought from my side:

    Command interface extension
    discussion @ genivi forum
        does Command interface really need extension ?
        how to fit in the solution so that it does not break any AudioManager architectural assumptions ?

I do not understand why you need to change the Command Interface at all.
From my POV the voice recognition can be a sink which gets the mic signal. For sending out commands through AudioManager it could use the CommandInterface and do connects/disconnects/volume changes.


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Hi, everyone!

I have created a document which describes the details of our AudioManager speech recognition demo.

Please refer to https://at.projects.genivi.org/wiki/display/PROJ/Intive+speech+recognition+demo .

Also, I've listed some of the open topics at the end of the document which can be taken for further discussion right here. I encourage to ask questions and I await your feedback.


- Pawel

PS. Thank you for an exciting day at the Genivi open days conf. It was both very informative and pleasant to have met all the Genivi people!
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