[audio-manager] Doubt Regarding AudioManager Usage

Aleksander.Donchev at partner.bmw.de Aleksander.Donchev at partner.bmw.de
Mon May 29 08:48:32 EDT 2017

Hi Anju,

you can provide in addition other routing and command plugin directories to the AudioManager with the  command line options -L  and -R .

Here is a short overview:

-L additional path for command plugins
-R additional path for routing plugins
-l command plugins path
-r routing plugins path
-c control plugin path, e.g. AudioManager -c /path/controller/libController.so

With the cmake options CAPI or DBUS you can choose the interprocess communication mechanism and therefor only one of them should be "ON".


It seems you didn't register any domains, sinks and source. You can take a look at the example PluginRoutingInterafceAsync, which registers domains, sinks and sources. It might be helpful for you. 

Aleksandar Donchev

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My name is Anju Sebastian. I am working as software Engineer in NVIDIA.
I have some doubts regarding Audio Manager and plugins.

I am using genivi-12 and I compiled audiomanager and audiomanagerplugins
(7.4) using bitbake command.
I flashed my board with the file system.
I compiled AM with the following options:

    -Dgmock_build_tests=ON -Dgtest_build_samples=ON -Dgtest_build_tests=ON \

And audiomanager plugins with the following options:

Can you please tell me how to select a particular command plugin and
routing plugin out of the available plugins?
And when I checked "GetListMainSources, GetListMainSinks,
GetListMainConnections" commands, I didn't get any proper output. Result was

method return time=1495774443.711317 sender=:1.0 -> destination=:1.4
serial=6 reply_serial=2
   int16 0
   array [

Do we need to set anything to register domains, sources and sinks?
Is there any particular config file or something to register sources and

I am new to AudioManager and I don't have much knowledge about it.
Can you please help me by basic things to setup and run AM commands with
ALSA plugins. I am totally stuck.

Some results of commands:
Audiomanger -i
 AudioManagerDaemon Version:             7.5.51
        Directories of CommandPlugins:

        Directories of RoutingPlugins:


/usr/lib/audiomanager/control contents:

/usr/lib/audiomanager/command contenst:

/usr/lib/audiomanager/routing contens:


Change id used for AM: 8f2387e42641c7c2b967553a4c578f0e87549fb6
Change id used for AudioManagerPlugins : 6e167422e68089fee3098163b63f88

Thanks and Regards
Anju Sebastian.
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