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Hi Senthil,

maybe I have overlooked it but I can't find content in bold.

While reading three things came into my mind:
1. Please check to use the generic controller. I will give you a little freedom.
2. genivi-meta might not work correctly with the by AM-Team supported plugins.
    We support only plugins which are part of the official repositories.
    Unfortunately, you started a little bit too early looking into GDP because
    we will update the GDP in order to use the "official" maintained plugins.
    The plugins in genivi-meta are ported from old POC with a huge patch replacing
    the controller internals.
3. Why you started to implement classes? The used class names are looking like
    you going to replace existing code or do you write your own AM daemon?`
    It sound not really correct what you try to do.

Best regards

Jens Lorenz
Software Group I (ADITG/SW1)

Tel. +49 5121 49 6927

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Dear Team,

We are trying to integrate GENIVI AudioManager into our modules.	
We are getting undefined reference compilation error. Please refer below.

How we have built Audio Manager on board:
	We had meta-ivi(10.0.1) with audiomanager_7.0.bb file but our requirement was to use updated audiomanager. So we downloaded meta-ivi(11.0) which was having audiomanager_7.4.bb with audiomanagerplugins_7.4.bb. We replaced audiomanager_7.4.bb and audiomanagerplugins_7.4.bb into meta-ivi(10.0.1). By bitbaking we successfully compiled and generated the shared libraries for audiomanager and audiomanagerplugins and created final image(leviathan-image from meta-ivi).

Target Details: 
	Board: Imx6Q sabresd
	Poky version: jethero
	GCC version: 5.2.2 

What we have done to test Audiomanager:
	We created a test code to control volume using audiomanager. The first step was to create a sink and domain. We created objects for the following classes namely CamDatabaseHandlerMap, CamDatabaseObserver and CamCommandLineSingleton. When we compiled the test code on target itself directly, few functions of these classes were throwing compile time error as undefined reference to those(marked as bold) functions .

	We even checked the source of Audiomanager libraries namely, libAudioManagerCore.so and libAudioManagerUtilities.so using the command "objdump -S <libraryname>". We found that the libraries contained the functions which we were using. But still we were getting the above mentioned errors.

	Please suggest us how to resolve this issue.

Thanks & Regards
Senthil Kumar S
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