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Hi Oleksandr

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> Hi All,
> I have question about PluginRoutingInterfacePULSE.
> I have found it as patch in meta-genivi-dev repository.
> It looks like it is one of main plugin to be used.
> Is there the repository for this plugin?
> Has it any updates, new versions etc?

Good to see you as still investigating AMM.

A disclaimer that I'm neither the developer or an
AM maintainer and I may only help obliquely :)

The plugins that are part of AM itself are references,
with the expectation that implementers amend or replace
them for the needs of their specific platform.  

The AudioManager PoC in GDP was developed early in the life
of GDP. Rather than replace the plugins they patched them and 
this has made them somewhat hard to maintain. In hindsight 
they may have been better as unique plugins maintained in their
own git rep. I have not refreshed my memory of the details but
from your questions it perhaps these are the patches you have been
looking at.

AM or GDP maintainers feel free to correct me here if needed!

Although the AM PoC has been updated to later versions of AM 
it's recognised that it doesn't make the best use of the current
AM features. So although it is an example, it is perhaps not
the best showcase for the current state of the art. At least
the lower part of the PoC that interfaces to AM.

Just to be clear I'm talking about how GDP uses AM, not
AM itself. There was discussions at the AMM between the GDP
and AM teams about improving the GDP PoC in the near future.

In a timely update the presentation Jens gave at the AMM
on the ALSA Routing Adapter Plugin is now online [1]. 
Apparently it will likely be part of the PoC rewrite.

[1] https://at.projects.genivi.org/wiki/display/WIK4/16th+GENIVI+AMM

One day I will directly answer one of your questions.. :)


BIT Lead

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