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Stephen Lawrence stephen.lawrence at renesas.com
Mon May 15 09:24:54 EDT 2017

Hi Oleksandr,

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> Hi All,
> I'm investigation AudioManager in order to be used in our project as
> an audio arbiter.
> So far I was able to build and run it with DBus wrapper.

Sorry I'm not responding to your specific questions, but as you mention
your investigating AM there are a couple of resources you may find useful.

Firstly, an implementation of AM [1] in a m/w platform in the form of the Genivi
Yocto Baseline [2]. The source link is to the implementation aligned with the Genivi 12 
specification for YP 2.2 (Morty). Simply change branch for earlier versions. 
It currently uses AM 7.4, whilst the latest version in the AM git hub is 7.5,
but I suspect it may answer your d-bus question.

[1] https://github.com/GENIVI/meta-ivi/tree/12.0/meta-ivi/recipes-multimedia/audiomanager
[2] https://at.projects.genivi.org/wiki/display/PROJ/meta-ivi

Secondly, at the Genivi conference last week there was a presentation on
the ALSA Routing Adapter plug-in. It's not there yet but a copy of the presentation 
should be posted in the coming days here [3].

[3] http://docs.projects.genivi.org/AMM/



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