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Joh, Yong-Il (Tolkien) Yong-Il.Joh at windriver.com
Mon Mar 20 21:52:32 EDT 2017

Hi Elibriea

I’m sorry that I cannot answer your question.
then, I forward your email to audio manager mailing list.
I hope someone could help you.

thank you.

P.S. call me “tolkien”.

Yong-iL Joh, Sr.MTS, Wind River
mobile +82-10-6332-6692  skype tolkienj

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To: Joh, Yong-Il (Tolkien)
Subject: Audio Manager

Dear Yong,

I am trying to learn GDP and I stumbled across Audio Manager. Inorder to dechipher the code I would like little bit of you assistance to understand how Audio Manager fit in GDP. does it communicate with D-bus with layer manager of GDP or what is the flow structure of communication.

Your help will be greatly appreciated



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