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Christian.Linke at bmw.de Christian.Linke at bmw.de
Mon Mar 20 11:25:09 EDT 2017


No. for security reasons it fell out.
The vague plan exists to add it again as command plugin...


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Hello AM folks,

Is the telnet functionality still available in the AudioManager? If yes,
can we address the issues below? If no, perhaps we remove the description
of using telnet from the README?



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Thank you for your fast answer Jeremiah.

I tried to build using telnet support, but I think that is not supported

The telnet configuration parameter is missing from the AudioManager
configuration parameter list, and in case of build with:

the output is like:
-- Configuring done
CMake Error at AudioManagerCore/CMakeLists.txt:68 (ADD_LIBRARY):
  Cannot find source file:


and the make fails.


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On Mon, Mar 20, 2017 at 9:08 AM, Olteanu, Catalin <COlteanu at luxoft.com>

> Hi Jeremiah,

Hello Catalin,

> I noticed your email info github/audio-manager-demo project. I'm working
> on providing a small POC that include audio-manager, controller/router
> plugin and the Monitor as GUI.

I'm happy to help, I'm not the author of the audio-manager-demo however. I
can direct you to the authors.

> Inside Monitor, using the default xml configuration(the one that contains
> MEDIA/PHONE/NAVI/TTS), I'm able to see sink classes list and source classes
> list. The problem is when pushing the media button. When doing that, I see
> into the controller plugin the request to connect the source 0 with sink 0.
> After that, I started to use the d-feet, and manually call
> connect(102,102), even if that is the classes IDs. The result answer was
> 8(the same value as answer for get functions, so I suppose that is
> success). Even that call was successfully received into audio manager, I
> was not able to create a main connection between corresponding sink and
> source.
> Is there a use-case that describe how to connect a source to a sink ?

I wonder if this document is helpful: https://genivi.github.io/AudioManager/

> Is there a use-case to describe how to create/register a sink/source from
> a class ?

The AudioManager has a README file which has an example (using telnet) at
the end: https://github.com/GENIVI/AudioManager/blob/master/README

I wonder also if there is an example in the Audio Manager Demo code?



> Thank you,
> Catalin
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