[audio-manager] Is AM 7.5 compliant?

Stephen Lawrence stephen.lawrence at renesas.com
Fri Mar 10 12:17:47 EST 2017


In the BIT we have noticed AM release 7.5 in the git rep.

We didn't receive any request to update from the group, but we wonder if we should adopt it in the next Genivi 12 Yocto Baseline release?

One important gating question related to that is whether the 7.5 API is compliant with the specification and therefore backwards compatible with the previous version? That is required as there has been no specification update for Genivi 12.

I feel like we covered this in the past, but I can't find anything in my archives. I may be thinking of 7.4. Anyway apologies if I that is the case.


BIT Co-Lead

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