[audio-manager] Queueing of back to back connect commands

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Hello Nithya-san,


I am sorry for delayed answer.

I have commented inline.


Best regards,

Toshiaki Isogai


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Hi Christian and Toshiaki Isogai,


Thank you for your response.


We are currently working with the generic controller. The queuing that is mentioned in the response mail refers to the trigger queue, we believe.




As per our understanding, the trigger queue is filled with next command request, only after 1 child action corresponding to the current trigger is dispatched to the routing adapter. Also, only when the action queue is empty (i.e, all child actions corresponding to current trigger are executed), the next trigger is dequeued and forwarded to policy engine.




Due to this behavior, the queuing in controller does not happen in the same speed at which the source switch requests are given to the command plugin from HMI. For eg., we might have given 10 source switch requests from HMI but by this time there could be only 3 or 4 triggers filled in the trigger queue. Hence, we are not sure if logic implemented at this level for skipping some source switch requests, would work as expected. (i.e, not all intermediate source switches would be skipped.)


Even though the timing of dequeue is at the completion of current action(s), I think it is not relevant to queueing speed into trigger queue from command side.


Especially “connect” is immediately returned after Controller register main connection to DB and put this to trigger queue.


Please share your thoughts on this.


Thanks & Regards,
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