[audio-manager] Queueing of back to back connect commands

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Generic Controller currently implements queueing the request from command side.

And “connect” API is asynchronously processed after it returns to application.

Result will be notified by cbMainConnectionStateChanged().


But current implementation does not have option to remain only the latest one in queue during processing, meaning does not skip intermediate requests between current and latest.

All requests in queue will be processed by stored order.


Therefore performance of switching source is depending on the response from routing side.


Best regards,

Toshiaki Isogai


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All connect commands end up in the controller. There, you can implement in the project specific part a handling that does the queuing of the commands like you need it to.

(We do the same :)).


So it’s possible to do that, but you need to do it yourself :)


For the generic controller, I do not know, can somebody please state on that?





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Hi Team,


We are currently working on a project based on Genivi Audio Manager (v7.4). CommonAPI is being used to interface the command and routing plugins with external world. CommonAPI is registered in the audiomanager mainloop (am::CAmSocketHandler).


There is a requirement for queuing back to back connect commands from HMI & processing only the last one, in case there is a very fast switching of sources from HMI. Can you please let us know if this handling is been done in Genivi Audio Manager?


As per our knowledge, all the APIs for 'connect', right from the command plugin until the routing plugin are synchronous. Hence, we are unable to locate the exact point where this queuing of connect commands can be handled within the Audio Manager. 


Please provide your inputs on this. 


Thanks & Regards,
Nithya K
Principal Engineer
Jasmin Infotech Pvt Ltd
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