[audio-manager] [AM PR] Utitliy Patches

Christian.Linke at bmw.de Christian.Linke at bmw.de
Wed Nov 23 09:22:29 EST 2016


Puh. Basically github is not so long for us in charge and I need to get used to it. Before we only hat the mailing list.
I did not get mails from github on pull requests, so I needed to find the pull request first.

In summary I am willing to take patches on the mailing list and pull request. In this particular case I already had some internal patches that I did not push
To the repo or the mailing list. This is no good style but sometimes we all have to do other stuff than GENIVI :-)

I really would like to improve processes etc... but honestly I am happy if I can push the stuff and check pull requests at the moment.

I really take every patch that fixes the AM and improvements that have been discussed before, but I am tight on GENIVI-time.


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> Dear all,
> Here are some updates to the Audioamanger. It contains some patches I
> made - biggest change is removing the telnetserver (some time I want to
> make a command plugin that takes over the code). I got a pull request
> from https://github.com/MathieuDuponchelle/AudioManager Mathieu I merged
> in here, and most of Lorenz stuff.

Thanks for responding on these Christian.  Responses are taking a little bit
too long for most people's preference, but maybe it can be improved
going forward?

> Since I put the changes on top of my changes, I put all together here:
> https://github.com/GENIVI/AudioManager/pull/7

OK, but what does that mean, Christian?  

I can see it is now merged.  But before that, did you mean other people 
to vote (+1/-1) on this pull request that combines all changes into one?
Depending on the voting result you merge it into master?
Or does that mean you already had decided to accept those changes.  

I guess in most projects, voting on individual parts would be easier
than one big one?

> @Jens: I cannot take the dlt stuff, it does not compile for me.

...which normally means the submitter needs to fix and resubmit it.
But what did you try to compile with?  And if Jens' changes were wrong, on
top of what would you like Jens to provide new working changes?  Should 
they compile OK on master, or compile OK on top of the pull request you made?

In most projects all the questions I ask here about process do not
need to be discussed because everyone kind of understand each other.  
But since we communicate so rarely with you about this, and you 
also seem to do things a little differently from others, I think it would 
help us all to clarify what your plans and expectations are exactly. 

(I'm NOT only asking for Jens here, more to establish an understanding
 about how we need to communicate for everyone to understand the process).

- Gunnar

P.S. By the way, if the AM component was set up on go.genivi.org then
all pull requests could be built automatically - we then get immediate feedback
on whether a pull request compiles OK or not.

- Gunnar

> Christian

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