[audio-manager] Basic Query on Command/Control Plugin

Swaminathan, Ganesan (G.) gswamina at visteon.com
Wed Jun 1 11:53:16 EDT 2016

Hello team,
I am a beginner with Genivi Audio Management. I have few basic queries please advise or point me to some useful documentation on this.

*         Command Plugin:

1.       Does Audio Client (say HMI or Media) need to interact only through Command plugin interface for requesting an Audio focus?

2.       In the Command line interface I could see "connect" request, does this single interface register a connection 'mainConnectionID' and request for Audio focus for the given source and Sink?

3.       What should a client do when it lost the focus (on a source change notification) and how is it notified?

4.       I could see method calls that supports dynamically adding sources and sinks, like 'connect'. How and where static configuration done?

*         Control Plugin:

1.       How and where to configure the Priority of different sources?

Thanks in advance,
Swaminathan G.
Audio Domain,
Advance Platform Team.
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